Hydraulic platform and mini crane hire

Special equipment hire for work in high altitude

We offer specialised equipment hire in our region:

• hydraulic platform 
• special spider mini-crane

Mini crane hire

Mini crane hire

Our spider mini crane is ideal for lifting cargo in areas with difficult access. When folded it fits within standard doorframe. It can lift almost a ton of heavy load.

Using mini crane if very efficient compared to using scaffolding or platforms. It can be controlled directly or by using a remote control, in areas with low visibility for example.

Mini crane can be used:

  • For work inside buildings
  • In shopping centres and passageways
  • For installing glass and shop windows
  • For moving machinery or during service work
  • For work on roofs and high areas
  • In muddy or difficult terrain
  • In tunnels or underground

Hydraulic platform hire

Hydraulic platform is an ideal solution for high altitude work.

It’s suitable for work when you need to be able to move from side to side. These platforms provide flexibility and freedom of movement in high altitude. The great benefit of the platform is the 340 degree turn radius.

Hydraulic platform can be used for:

  • High altitude work up to 14 m
  • work inside buildings
  • Shopping centres and passageways work
  • Installing glass and shop windows
  • Revision and service work
  • Work on roofs
Hydraulic platform hire