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Stainless steel slides, toboggans and water slides

Stainless steel slides, toboggans and water slides

We manufacture stainless steel slides, toboggans and water slides for children playgrounds, as well as custom designed terrain slides.  

Slide type series:

  • DPN stainless steel slides
  • TS stainless steel slides
  • CL stainless steel slides

Slide type series are DPP, TS and CL are usually 0.5m wide,  entrance height 1 - 2.5 metres.

Aside from standard type series we also manufacture standalone chutes to client’s specifications. These include terrain hill slides, wide and long, multiple track slides designed for outdoor playgrounds, city parks or adrenaline parks.

Stainless steel toboggans are designed for outdoor gaming areas and we manufacture them to client’s specifications. All stainless steel slides, chutes and toboggans are certified and conform to safety standards.


We can help you with:

  • Stainless steel slides
  • Custom built stainless steel slides and chutes
  • Stainless steel toboggans and tubes based on customer’s specifications
  • Combined slides

Why choose Alfeko s.r.o. as your stainless steel slide expert?

Take advantage of our extensive experience with slide manufacturing and production to ensure you get the best quality slide to suit your needs.
Cooperation with certification bodies ensures children’s safety and reduces compliance cost.
Long product life means savings for you, the customer.

Water pool stainless steel slides

Alfeko manufactures water slides for private and public water pools. Water slides are manufactured with steps. We use chemical steel 1.4404 to conform to the environment in which it’ll be installed.

We always consult with client the requirements and terms of delivery and maintenance before commencing production.