Mediální kostky

Constructions for Sporting purposes

We manufacture and install aluminium constructions for sporting purposes. 

These include constructions for large LED screens fitted in stadiums and arenas as well as outdoor locations. Video media cubes fitted under stadium roof over the playing surface. Giant screens in stands and constructions for lighting advertising. These are base constructions to hold incredible amount of screens. They can be standalone, anchored to the building or hanging from the stadium roof.

We manufacture for sports clubs aluminium gates, goal posts, baseball protection screens, ball baskets and benches for six or more players.

Firemen sports events have been using us for supply and installation of training towers, including landing areas or starting lanes.  A separate part are spectators bleachers, fixed or removable.

We can help you with:

  • Removable stages
  • Tribunes, permanent or removable
  • Constructions for large media screens
  • Multimedia dice screen constructions
  • Soccer goal posts
  • Training towers for firemen sport.
  • Lightweight temporary roofing
  • Tee and baseball safety screens

Why work with us:

  • Simple, lightweight aluminium constructions
  • Custom solutions backed by years of experience
  • Cooperation with leading provider of LED screen control software