Alfeko, light metal constructions

Alfeko s.r.o. | Aluminium and stainless steel constructions

Alfeko s.r.o. is a leading company in aluminum constructions manufacturing. 

Since it's incorporation in 2003 Alfeko focused constructions from aluminum, aluminum alloys and stainless steel materials.  These materials account for over 75% of total manufactured constructions. 

Aluminum constructions became the next logical step from manufacturing of aluminum scaffoldings and concert and theatre stages. 

The company is also well-known as a manufacturer of stainless steel slides for play areas, stainless steel toboggans and custom built terrain slides.

Alfeko has passed the ISO 14000:2005 and ISO 9000:2009 management system certification. The company has recently invested into new equipment and technologies.

The company’s goal is to double it's production volume by 2018 years. The base for the growth is in vast experience in aluminum and stainless steel manufacturing as well as reliable base of skilled employees.